How to clear the printer queue

11 Dec

Printers can have many problems. One of the most frustrating is when a job does not print or gets stuck in the queue. This page wants to show users how to clear the queue. Go to printer repair service for more information.

Note   : Clearing the print queue does not mean canceling a print job.

How to clear the printer queue

  1. Press the Windows key,   type Services  , and then press   ENTER  .
  2. Scroll down until you find the   Print Spooler  .

    Printer spooler

  3. Click the right mouse button on the line Print Spooler and select Stop (   stop  ) in the menu did Appears.
  4. Then, press the   Windows +  keys to open Microsoft Explorer.
  5. Type:   % windir% \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS  in the address bar at the top of the menu.

    Empty the spooler from the printer

  6. Delete  all the files in this folder.
  7. Your print queue should now be   empty  .
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